To register the Amami Islands on the World Heritage List.

This site introduces our actions, present conditions and schedule to develop an understanding about the World Natural Heritage. We sincerely ask all of you to understand and cooperate with us to register the Amami ,Ryukyu Islands on the World Heritage List

About World Heritage

The World Heritage is the inheritance that was registered in the World Heritage List. This program was founded with the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, which was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO on 16, November 1972. Across international borders or races, these sites have values that we should pass on to the next generation. Following these three criteria ,the sites are classified. ・natural heritage ・cultural heritage   ・mixed heritage

About our action- Amami Islands Wide Area Business Association-

As the bureau of " World Natural Heritage Registration Promotion Committee of Amami Islands",we push forward various actions to register the Amami Islands on the World Heritage List. We coordinate with the Ministry of the Environment, the government of Kagoshima prefecture and each city and village in Amami. In 2012 ,"Ecotourism Promotion Council" was organized in every island of Amami. All the related members(local governments, eco-tour guides, indigenous people) start their own activities. -suitable way for each islands- We as bureau of "Ecotourism Promotion Council of Amami Islands", unify each island's endeavors, and support the efforts of eco-tour guides. In 2012 Eco-tour Liaison Council was organized in island of Amami. We are now considering the methods and the systems to certificate excellent eco-tour guide as an "Authorized guide".

For more information about the nature of Amami

Nomination process

January 2013
Submit the Tentative List to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre

In 2013 (agenda)
Designate protection area as National Park

January 2015 (targets)
Submit the recommendations to the World Heritage Centre

July 2015 (targets)
The nominated property will be evaluated by the World
Conservation Union(IUCN)

June 2016 (targets)
World Heritage Committee will decide which sites should be inscribed
on the World Heritage List

The guide directory introduces the guide of the Amami group of islands.
People of the island will guide you through each islands.