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Ingredients(4 servings)
Spareribs 800g
heavy soy sauce tbsp4
brown sugar to taste
Shochu(distilled alcoholic beverage) tsp2
ginger slice5g
garlic 2cloves
radish 1/2stick
snow pea for coloring

how to make

boil enough hot water in a pan
boil spareribs for around 10minutes
put it up a bamboo colander and wash it

Pare a ginger and slice thinly
crush a clove of garlic of knife
Pare a radish and should be cut into proper sizes for ease of eating
Remove a fiber of snow pea and boil it for around 30 seconds

Spread all over radish and into a pan
put in enough water in a pan and put a pan on heat
once it boils, turn the heat lower
close the lid, and boil it down until humidity disappears

set spareribs and radishes on a plate
decorate snow pea finish
※when change into a pressure cooker from process 3, it becomes time savings