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(takana=leaf mustard, okaka=dried bonito flakes)2types
Dried bonito shavings 1pack
Soy sauce(noodle soup) proper quantity
Takana(leaf mustard) 1/2leaf×2
egg Lsize×4
salt proper quantity

how to make

Make a rice ball of takana and okaka with the same point as a common rice ball
put it for a different plate

Make beaten egg(4 eggs)
put in some oil into a frying-pan and heat it on low

fry egg like a thin omelet
when fire half carries on an egg, put a rice ball on top of egg

upset an egg on a frying-pan
wrap it around a rice ball with chopsticks

tuck the omelet of a left part
fry it to clamp for a while

Take it to a dish and finish