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Ingredients(4 servings)
Materials of the soup
Chicken bone 300g
salt tsp2
mirin tsp1
cooking sake tsp1
light soy sauce(or white dashi) tsp1
Broth from dried Shiitake mushroom
Chicken tenderloin large2pieces
egg large2
shiitake mushroom 5
papaya pickles (or pickled radish)
spring onion  
cut seaweed  
plain rice  
lemon peel  
pickles、spring onion、seaweed、rice and lemon peel are your preference

how to make

boil enough hot water in a pan
put and boil a chicken bone there for around 1-2 minutes
take it out to a bamboo colander afterwards
wash it well and put it in a pan again
put enough water in a pan and put on the fire(chicken bone is entering)
just before boiling, turn heat lower and put it on the fire for around 2hours
Meanwhile, remove lye diligently and also dry shiitake mushroom put in water, too(make a broth from it)
put a broth in a pan

boil the chicken tenderloin and tear it finely
fry eggs thinly and cut it finely
The shiitake mushroom which put in water slice thinly and boil it with soy sauce, sugar
(to taste)shred spring onion/papaya pickles chop finely

Take the chicken bone out of a pan
fix the taste salt, cooking sake, sake, light soy sauce
(soup stock of the completion is an aim at 1L.)

Serve rice in a bowl(ochawan)
all put 2
pour soup and add cut seaweed finish
※when the making of soup is difficult, marketed chicken gallasoup is also available.