The amami Islands have many unique home-made dishes.
I introduce 4 typical home made dishes which are easy to reproduce.

Keihan is the typical local dishes in Amami Islands.
It is said that the Keihan was designed to treat a government official during the Edo period.
It tastes light and good for hot Amami Islands.
Put chicken breast tender, thin strips of egg, mushroom, and seaweed on rice and pour chicken soup into them to eat.

Abura zomen is the home-made afternoon snack for the farm work.
・Boiled somen fried with Chinese chives and soup stock.
・Full of pork and vegetables.
・Like flavor of pasta.
Abura zomen is the "Ohukuro no aji" (mother's cooking) of the Amami Islands.
It characterize each home's taste.

Tonkotu is famous in Kagoshima area too.
In Amami Islands pork is the familiar ingredient from old days.
It is customary cooking on New Year's Eve in Amami Oshima.
Pour in enough kokuto shotyu and bring it to a simmer, you can feel flavor of home-made dishes of Amami.

In the Amami Islands rice ball coated with scrambled egg is popular.
Ingredients inside are Buta miso,Okaka and so on.
You may be full with one rice ball, so-called the "Ohukuro no aji".

We prepare another various home-made dishes and unique recipes, ingredients which were harvested in the Amami.
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