Amami-Oshima is the largest island in the Amami Islands, located about 380-450km southwest of Kagoshima. The northern part of Amami-Oshima is flat and there has few mountains.
Beautiful sandy beaches of the coral reef spread out along the coast line.
In the middle and southern parts of Amami-Oshima, subtropical rainforests and mangrove forests provide habitats for many endemic or threatened species, like Amami rabbit.
You can enjoy various types of environments and the diversity of species.
Also Shimauta (traditional Amami folk music) varying from village to village are attractive.

Hotels on the Amami Islands: you can make your choice according to your own travel style.

We show you resort hotels, budget hotels, and Minsyuku (private home, providing lodging and meals). Why don't you enjoy Amami to your heart's content? You will find yourself refreshed.

Gift of "Food" from the vibrant islands.

The Amami Islands are small archipelago located south of Kyusyu, Japan. Fresh ingredients are harvested in the Amami islands. Why don't you enjoy those unforgettably tasty local dishes?

Experience the subtropical nature, culture and history of each island.

We show you the picturesque places, tourist facilities and cultural heritages where you can go back to the old life of this island. Why don't you enjoy the sceneries of small village, which would bring you back to your old native town? The atmosphere of those spots will make you relax and healed.

Local products cultivated in the subtropical sunlight.

The Amami Islands are small archipelago located south of Kyusyu, Japan. We show you the special products made from brown sugar of Amami, traditional local crafts,Oshima-Tsumugi (hand spun silk fabric), kokuto shochu (spirits made from brown sugar),which is produced only in the Amami Islands, and other unusual choices.